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Baby home safety[ 2013-10-25 ]
install locks and high quality hinges in cabinet to make sure your babies are safety.
Ambry hardware maintenance and cleaning[ 2013-08-15 ]
Daily maintenance in cabinet, cabinet hardware part and xiancai basins is the focus of the clean, it is particularly important to the family's health.
Avoid 8 regrets, perfect the kitchen[ 2013-08-06 ]
perfecting your kitchen by avoiding 8 regrets
Striking tips[ 2013-07-29 ]
Height of countertops and wall cupboard need ergonomically design, according to the family member`s height. That working comfortably is the standard.
Lighten the whole cabinet[ 2013-07-06 ]
Soft closing slide is suitable for relatively high cabinet. It is practical for usage.
Must know what you don`t know in your kitchen[ 2013-06-24 ]
A good kitchen, a good set of cabinets, an achievements of happy family life. Why not?
Give me a stylish kitchen[ 2013-06-19 ]
Stuff your cabinet with pots, pans,cutlery trays, chopsticks spoon, condiment bottles, cups with different sizes ect, visually speaking, they are tastefully furnished. But……
Kitchen accessories reflect life quality[ 2013-06-18 ]
Should you ever ask what can reflect the details of life most? You must be surprised when the answer is kitchen accessories.
So easy[ 2013-05-28 ]
Now the One-touching opening provides a good access for your choice, that is our new products One-touching Concealed Runner
Pay attention to the hardware in kitchen[ 2013-05-23 ]
Hinges are the key to the cabinets because of closing often. Which not  only connect the cabinet and door accurately, but also support the&nbs...
Creating a warm breakfast area in kitchen[ 2013-05-22 ]
So many kitchens give you a new & fresh feelings by ingenious design, which not only increase the space usage fully, but also make more nice. For an example, breakfast area is a good access to save time for you.
How to make small kitchens look bigger?[ 2013-05-20 ]
So many young married couples focusing the small department when they are house-purchasing at the first time. How to create a large-sized vision? Or how to increase space utilization? Now pls allow me to introduce to you.
Colorful makes a brilliant kitchen[ 2013-05-19 ]
Different color makes the kitchen look so different. How to create modern style kitchens, european style ones, American style ones with different color?
Creating a perfect kitchen[ 2013-05-17 ]
How to choose a unique one to create your owned world? Today, 4 kinds of different cabinet will be shown to wives.
Small Kitchen, Big Usage[ 2013-05-15 ]
A small space provides a good access to design a good kitchen, a compact design with clever idea make the corner of kitchen so practical and perfect.
New Discovery about Kitchen[ 2013-05-14 ]
New decoration to the kitchen, how to provide a good access to get a bigger space?
Introductions about Hinges[ 2013-05-11 ]
“Differences between One-way hinges and Two-way hinges?”
Don't overlook the quality of furniture fittings[ 2013-04-22 ]
Don't overlook the quality of furniture fittings   Miss Chen booked a high-class cabinet to furnish, which she really loved and she cooked everyday, so the cabinet door must be opened often. But one month later, miss chen was injured by the cabinet do...
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