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Damping Support, patent soft lid stay YS319

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 Congratulations on winning the national utility models patent, Damping Support YS319 from Yognshengs production


Damping Support, patent soft lid stay YS319 is also called hydraulic support, while it is more famous for this Chinese name in domestic market, beacause most customers even think that Damping Support is exactly YS319 from Yognsheng’s production.


Damping Support, YS319 has been through ultrasonic technology seal&other special fabrication processing, and its color can be customized at clients’ request. Additionally, it can be made into 2 main designs (long support rod&short support rod) with 2 functions (soft-up&soft-down), suitable for the 1.5kgs-3.5kgs cabinet door as well as it owns extremely high deformability.


Based on these advantages&consummate art, since 10 years ago, YS319 has always been the hot selling product with stable supply in our company, getting great reputation among the purchasers at home and abroad. In 2009, it won Industrial Design patent, and then the national utility models patent in 2015. Therefore, YS319 got its recognition on practical use again.

 In face of such great honor, Yongsheng people promise: Never be arrogant, never forget the early heart, as well as continuing on excellent quality first.



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