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Congratulations to YongSheng achieve a complete success in CIFF 2016

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 Mar 28th,2016, It's humid just days before, but it's more comfortable today. It’s the first day of Secondary CIFF. At the start of the fair, many Buyers from different country were came to our booth and visited our new products.

   We had launched three new products. For instance, TATAMI GAS SPRING STRUT, SOFT-CLOSING HINGE, CONCEALED BELT CLIP OF THREE-DAMPING SLIDE. The most popular product should be TATAMI GAS SPRING STRUT. It attracted hundreds of visitors by its novel design and practicability. Lots of purchaser asked about the product’s information. During these four days, we had sent 2385 pieces of business card and 2841 catalogs. Judging by this situation, we firmly believe that there are more buyers would willing to buy this. What more, SOFT-CLOSING HINGE, CONCEALED BELT CLIP OF THREE-DAMPING SLIDE also have the potential to capture the market share.


   Under the competitive market environment, we are thankful that we still got visitors to stop by.

   Ever though the economy is not quiet good now, we should not be defeated. In other words, we should be brave in exploring and innovating, develop more products, improve the quality of products to express our appreciation for the support of regular or new customers.




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